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Top places in Berlin

Here are some of the top places in Berlin

We know how it was coming to Berlin as a foreigner not knowing the city or knowing any people, and that is why we wanted to share some tips about what to do while visiting Berlin.

Here we gathered some top spots for you to visit and explore!

Berlin Top Restaurants and Coffee shops

There are so many good (and bad) restaurants in Berlin that we could write a book about them, but at least here are some of them. Good thing to know is that it is custom to give tip but the rules for it are not 100% clear. Somewhere between 5-10% is a safe bet.

Spreegold – has multiple locations and offers nice place to work, drink something good and they also serve multiple paleo options.

Lowcal – is a low cal restaurant in Wilmersdorf. Really tasty food.

Nah am Wasser – nice coffe shop that offers good breakfast and lunch. Located in Charlottenburg and Neukölln.

Happy Barrister – nice coffee shops with a great manu for cheat days. =)

Neni Restaurant – israeli food with a view in the Bikini Berlin

Kuchi – best sushi in town. Kantstr. Charlottenburg.

Yafo – Israeli food for food lovers in Mitte/Prenzlauerberg.

Tommis Burger – a list without burger is no list. Tommis has also a paleo option. Located in Charlottenburg and Mitte.

Madame Ngo – best vianameese food in Charlottenburg.

Top Bars in Berlin

Monkey bar – a skybar in Berlin with a great view over Tiergarten. Found in the 25H Hotel Bikini Berlin.

Andels Rooftop bar – a bit outside of town but with a great manu and atmosphere.

BRLO Bar – is a local brewery and is located close to Gleisdreieck.

Kaffee am See – a great outdoor and indoor restaurant and bar in the middle of Tiergarten. You can rent a boat and row some calories on the water.

Top neighborhoods in Berlin

Charlottenburg – shopping, fine dine and close to everything.

Friedrichshain – beer, bars, parks, east-side gallery and clubs.

Kreuzberg – everyone knows Kreuzberg but still does not know it. Some parts are boring, some parts are fun, some parts are scary and some parts are spectacular.

Mitte – can be expensive and can also be cheap depending on where in Mitte. Here you find many of the sightseeings but still you also find very nice parts with great bars and real berlin trashy style clubs.

Prenzlauerberg – if you are a tourist you will end up here and it is fine. Tons of good restaurants and bars for grown ups.

Neukölln – the ruffer part of Berlin but now getting trendy with a lot of students moving there also creating cool bars and coffee shops next to Halal supermarkets.