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The meaning of life

For most of my life I have been searching for the meaning of life and I believe many other have also been on this search and still are. That is fundamental and important for us to ask ourselves and it is a hard question.

As we grow up we tend to think that the meaning might be to get a good education, a good job, and then make money and…then I will be happy. Can that be the meaning of life?

Let’s rewind for two seconds and go back to the question again “What is the meaning of life?” and we have to realize that this question is flawed and that is also why it makes us anxious, the questions doesn’t tell us for “whom” the meaning of life it is, meaning we have to ask “What is the meaning of MY life?” and that should put things into another perspective, because the happiness and meaning of somebody else is not automatically the same for somebody like you and I firmly believe this is a reason why people also get stressed and nervous about their lives. They are simply living the “perfect life” of somebody else and this is wrong. We have to try to determine what our perfect life looks like without looking at what other consider to be success.

Still there are some fundamental building blocks everyone needs to create a meaningful life and the primarily is to have good health. Let’s just be honest, you can have everything in the world and still you life would suck if you would be in bad shape. This is the base and foundation of fulfillment and where we have to start.

Here is an old video I made about the correlation between meaning of life and strength.