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Welcome to Regionals Berlin 2018

Welcome to the CrossFit Games Regionals in Berlin 2018

We are super exited to have the CrossFit Games to come to Berlin and we will definitely be a part of the great atmosphere that this event is bringing.

In our box we will have some extra classes going for visitors from outside Berlin, and for those we urge you to pre-book your drop-in early.
We will have some cool deals for the Regionals so don’t miss out! Check the schedule HERE if you are visiting.

For those visiting Berlin we have also created this post of things to do while you visit Berlin –  have a look!

Transportation in Berlin

If you stay close to our box we made this small map of how to get to the Velodrom Berlin. It takes you about 30 min to commute and a taxi is about 20-30€
Berlin is fairly big city and at first it might seem overwhelming to get an overview of the subways system and trains. So here are some helpful tips:
There are:

S-Bahn (local trains) – Ringbahn travels in a circle around the city. Then you have one going across the city from east <->west, and multiple going north<->south.
U-Bahn (Metro, Underground)

One way ticket costs 2,80€ in one direction and you can travel for 2 hours. One day ticket costs 6,90€ and you can as much as you want. (more infos on

The Velodrom is a strange kind of arena which you will notice.

Some more insights in how Berlin otherwise looks like…
Here is a nice video our friends at Foodspring did with the athletes Adrian Mundwiler, Annie Thorisdottir, Jonne Koski, Lindy Barber and Patrick Vellner.