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Berlin Regionals 2018 to an end

Regionals in Berlin 2018 are over

A couple of days ago regionals in Berlin 2018 came to an end and here are some reflections about the spectacle that was held for three days. It may be sad it is over but it actually only feels like it has started.

The preparations and expectations for the regionals event in Berlin began long before the first event even started inside the Velodrome.

For me personally I got some insights with working together with the Media team already on the Wednesday before it all began. We did some photoshootings in town and went to different boxes so the CrossFit HQ could snap some good pictures to help promote the local boxes in Berlin.

We then went to the venue all three days and it was quite full already on friday. On saturday it became more crowded and on Sunday it was completely full.

I heard from someone on the inside that the tickets to Berlin sold out faster than any event before and that the meridian regionals now was suffering with less than 20% sold tickets 1 month before opening their gates. CrossFit HQ might be happily surprised with the high demand in Berlin but surely more concerned with what to do with the regionals in Madrid.

From my point of view CrossFit HQ probably chose Madrid because the market was growing fast down there and maybe they thought Spain would be a popular place to go for crossfitters and spectators. I have never been to Madrid, but I know Spain can be hot during summer and especially the inland of Spain where Madrid is located. As I see it there are other locations in Europe (ei. Nice, Barcelona, Split, Athens, Lissabon) that could draw more people purely for the tourism and travel but I can’t say it is “easy” to find the perfect spot.

Orestis on the photo above. Photo by: Daniel Anderson, CrossFit HQ (thanks guys!)

Berlin seemed to be a good pick anyway and it might be due to its cheap accomodation options, accessibility from almost anywhere in Europe and maybe the image “poor but sexy” appealed to the visitors.

The regionals ended with some surprises on the men’s side, now as we have two russian qualifiers to the games, what will this do to further spread CrossFit in Russia. Unfortunately I start to think about the Netflix documentary called “Icarus” but I hope Russian government will keep it hands outside this small nische sport.

For the women we didn’t get any bigger surprises but surely it was a good feeling to see Laura Horvath getting her deserved spot into the Games. I remember seeing her two years ago at the German Throwdown thinking; “how can a young girl like that be so fit already?”.

Personally this was a great expereience and I am happy we got the chance to record an episode with Adrian Bozman on the Thursday before the event. The episode will come live on

Here are my scores for some parts of the event:

CrossFit is a crazy sport. You never really know who is a spectator or not hence half of the audience is dressed up ready for a workout. I think supporters gave really good support to everyone during the individual events.


The Athletes
All athletes showed great sportsmanship and also sharing their feelings with the audience. It is an amazing sport where you have so many people actually even cheering on their “opponent”. For me, as a Swede, my heart got a bit warm by seeing two Swedish individuals, Lukas Högberg and Camilla Salmonsson Hellman, qualifying to the Games again.

Also a special greeting to Adrian Mundwiler who now returned to the games stronger than ever. When I saw him perform it really reminded my of the talk we had last year during the German Throwdown. (episode here)

The weather was perfect for all things outside the venue and all things seemed to work. There was even the big festival (Karneval der Kulturen) in the city the same weekend so plenty of crazy things for non-berliners to explore.

The organisation
Access, reception and everything on time. Very professional.

The venue
This was the only thing bugging me and others. We sat too far away from the competition floor due to the velodrome track in the middle consuming a lot of space. For a CrossFit event the food was really bad organized by the catering company. The long cues to every food stand was also simply crazy. Good thing with the venue is that it is easy to access.

Sincerely yours

Ps. It was an honour to see my former Coach Dirk Wunderlich to perform at his first major event. If he sticks to it and finds good training partners and coaches he can go all the way.