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What is good posture?

How often do we hear the word “posture” and how often do we need to remind ourselves “to keep good posture”?

While paying attention to posture is beneficial, what does it actually mean to have “good posture”?

The typical image of good posture is to have your back straight, shoulders back and a proud chest.  These are good cues. Yet almost all animals that are healthy have proper posture. “Proper” posture gets even more exaggerated when you are of high status in most occupations. The more status you have, the straighter and taller you seem to get.

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So what is missing?
I think we quickly overlook how important our feet are for the rest of our body. It is easy adopt “proper” posture in a manner that tricks the untrained eye, but in many cases, this unnatural adjustment comes at the expense of excessive pressure on the lower back or shoulders, causing a silent pain that only their spouse will get to know very well after a long day at work.

We have to look at the things that inhibit us from adopting the neutral posture we are born to be in, and the shoes we wear most of the time we are awake are a key source of trouble.

Combine that with a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting on a sofa or chair many hours everyday, and we have a perfect recipe for building a weak foundation and structure.

In this way, bad posture is the result of many hours of sitting and wearing bad shoes, yet many nevertheless believe they can “outtrain” their bad posture by loading their system with high weights. Yet adding muscle to a bad foundation is only a recipe for more problems, rather than a solution.

In an effort to compensate for the “leaning tower” of bad posture, the body builds up large muscles, and this is exactly what we see with strong men that end up severely injured with painful elbows, wrists, hips, necks and shoulders.

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What is the fix?
The good news is that the “fix” is pretty easy: it only requires an awareness for the problem, and a will to act. You can start with standing up more; also, try to move in and out of different positions as often as you can. At home, spend more time cooking, cleaning and doing other chores, rather than watching Netflix series. Commit to spending at least as much time on your feet at home as you spend sitting or lying down on the couch.

An excellent life hack to promote better sleep is to do foam rolling or mobility drills 10-20 min before going to bed – you will be sure to sleep much better.

As a business owner, you should encourage your employees to spend more time on their feet, as this will reduce the high number of sick days attributable to sedentary lifestyles. Remember, just because you are moving around a bit more, this does not mean you cannot do 20-40 min of focused work where you have to sit. The truth is that most people sit passively in their chairs for years on end, until it starts to hurt.

You should also encourage people to wear better shoes, the flatter the better. Another great option is to only wear socks at work. Create cosy office socks with your company logo on them! Everyone will love you for it – including me.

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Choose your Shoes Wisely

PS. In the picture you see how the shoes affect the persons posture and how it over time creates a lot of stress and pain in the upper part of the body.

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