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MOM June 2019: Everton Teixeira

  • Dirk Remuss

How old are you?
I am 30 years old and from South Brazil, Santa Catarina. 

What is your favourite food?
This is not what people commonly say, but I love all kinds of veggies. I had been vegetarian for 3 years and this helped me to discover many varieties of delicious vegetarian dishes.

How did you find us and why did you want to start?
Escapist is the nearst CrossFit box to my home. I found it doing an online search. I was convinced that CrossFit offers the best combination of sport movements along with personal support and motivational group training.

What do you work with?
I am an engineer and work as consultant.

  • Dirk Remuss
What change have you experienced since you started at Escapist?
Sport became regular and the group training makes the motivation. You know the people and see how they evolve, share with them. I also lost more than 10 kilos, what makes the impression 🙂

Where have you made the most progress in training?
I gained some muscles, definition and improved my agility drastically.

What movement would you like to be able to master in the future?
Bar Muscle ups. I am now training the needed momentum for it.

Favorite and worst movement?
My favorite movement is the Thruster, even though it can be difficult. I like the combination of squat and the following overhead push. On the other hand, the worst movement for me is still the Snatch due to the opening of the arms holding the bar combined with a squat. I need to improve my flexibility here.

  • Dirk Remuss

What book would you recommend?
I am reading now a collection of 3 books by Rolf Dobelli: the art of thinking clearly, of acting clearly and of the good life I could recommend, specially the german version of them.

Why should someone train at Escapist?
The small group and consequently the more personal coaching makes the difference. People are also always welcoming. There is a good atmosphere.

Anything else?
Let's move, life is movement, changing, evolving. I hope to keep doing so up to the end.

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