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WOD Life Balance – Ivan Flugelman 2/3

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Coming Back

Coming back to regular training was not easy. Every time you lose momentum, it takes a lot of work to get back into the groove. I find that my personal threshold is about 3 weeks of 3x week minimum and getting good food and rest. Now I lost my sleep, I lost my diet, I lost my strength it was just horrible. So, I decided to take a mental break, and pivot my strategy. Traded CrossFit classes for BodyFitness with very light weights, just to move around. The victory would not happen on the board, but the moment I set foot on the box. Just by being there, doing it the minimum amount, get a sweat, finish. Wisdom Slowly I started to recover my strength and my confidence, but I couldn’t brush off my burnout. As soon as I was getting back on track, my dentist decides that at 35, all my wisdom teeth need to be removed in two separate sessions, one month apart. I never expected this to be such a painful and long process. And I was just getting back to the game! First round was quite easy, and I healed fast, but the second time, they had to cut my teeth in different fragments just to pull them out... So, once again back to the drawing board. Start slow, and then move forward, step by step.

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The Beauty Of Scale

I am, since a couple of months back in the game, I found out that the best way is to just go anything that happens next is pure win. Make sure you start slow. Don’t up the weight if you don’t feel like it. Don’t listen to some members when they challenge you to add 20 kilos more to the barbell. Take your time. When faced with new WODs and challenges I decided I to scale as much as I felt right. I remember doing wall balls with 4kg balls, single-unders and very light weights. Just because now, it was more important to finish the WOD rather than push myself into injuryland. It is a very common mistake to want to finish the WOD (RX) or similarly wanting to push yourself as hard as you can. 

There is no shame in letting aside the ego and focus on yourself, not focus on PRs or stats or goals or numbers. Sometimes the best gift you can do to yourself is to listen that voice in your head what it really NEEDS and try to balance mind and body. Because that burnout is not something that you fix from one day to the next. It’s something that you have to flush out gradually with time — Believe me, to be able to finish a workout, even if its scaled, it’s a massive psychological win.
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