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Meet Sarah [Member Story]

Member story Sarah Kluge

My “descent” into fitness basically began with me starting from zero, after I had been doing nothing but sit on my but for 15 years after I left home to study in Berlin. The most movement I would get would be when I was walking to work for 15 minutes every day. I think it was good for me personally that I started rather slow by going to Kieser (where you sit on machines and the average age is quite a bit above my own), because while training there is hardly exciting it did give me enough time to get used to the idea that strength is something to strive for and not only reserved for men. Today we are still mostly confronted with a body image that does not really condone strength in female bodies and instead makes us feel like we are doing something undesirable by being visibly strong. This often leads to a fear in a lot of women to look too masculine and I feel that for many of us this prevents us from doing something that is actually healthy and good for our bodies as well as for our minds. While this seems to be changing somewhat in recent years, it is still a prevailing mindset and also one I had to overcome myself to some extent. 
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 A few months after I took my first little baby steps into training at the end of 2017 I was roped into participating in a 5k race by a colleague at my office. At that point I could barely run for five minutes straight and much less a whole kilometer. Since the whole thing was supposed to be mostly just for the fun of it, I did not worry about that too much and happily went ahead, as many people do, to buy my very first pair of running shoes, already feeling like I had accomplished something just by doing that alone. Luckily it did not stop there and I actually went out to try this whole running thing for real. 

In training for that first race I discovered that my body was able to do some amazing things, like go from wheezing and desperately gasping for air after five minutes of running to being able to actually run for first one then two and eventually even five kilometers straight in a comparatively short time. I decided I liked that feeling of accomplishment and it drove me to keep running even after I had finished that first race.

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It was probably somewhere around that point that I first became aware of the existence of Crossfit. Ironically that happened while I was sitting on my ass again, watching a documentary on Netflix. It all sounded exciting enough that it got stuck in my head though and it never quite left me after that. My awakened curiosity meant that I did some research and discovered that: Yes, you can in fact do Crossfit in Berlin (what can you not do in Berlin?), but I also saw that, compared to some other branches of fitness it did cost quite a bit, or at least more than I was used to spending. Since my practical experience with Crossfit was basically zero at that point it took me quite a while to circle around and try to decide if I wanted to make that kind of investment. 

I’m glad I did finally go ahead and do it in 2019, because I continue to find out that, with the right motivation, I can do things I had never thought I would be able to do, that no matter how much I may curse and whine while I sweat my way through a workout, most often I also surprise myself in positive ways. Nowadays I can actually enjoy the thought of becoming stronger and I am happy to let others see it, because it is the result of hard work and a lot of fun. 

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Now that many of us are stuck at home I’m probably not the only one who is glad to have something else to look forward to other than the next meal. In fact, my meal becomes even more enjoyable after a workout 😉 A big difference is the way that I actually have to do some planning beforehand now and think on how to best accomplish the tasks given to me in the online workout to fit them within my capabilities (and set the damn timer right), but also with the limited equipment I have to work with. It certainly does a lot to make me appreciate the consideration that goes into planning the workout itself. 

It is good to have goals to work toward, but it is even better to have good company while I do it. That is definitely something I have found in the Box and one of the most important factors that motivate me to keep doing my best. So thank you everybody who has been either coaching or sweating along with me for your support and kind words whenever I need them 🙂 I hope we will be able to meet up in person again soon. 

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