At Escapist CrossFit we have created an Onramp Program, where you learn:


All the basic movements

How to scale these for your level

How do we move safely


Learn some fundamental mobility tricks

Basic nutrition advice



Every Wednesday 17:00 and Saturday 12:00

Depending to demand please apply to be on the program and we will reply as soon as we can.

Price is 89€ for all 4 weeks, pay cash or card in the box.

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Apply for the Onramp

Fill in your name, email and number underneath. We will answer within 24h if there is any spots left.

Coaching in small groups

 You don´t need to be fit to get started, but you have to start to get fit!


At Escapist CrossFit we offer our members small group training sessions. We see into your special needs and goals. As a member you get to know  the amazing people in our community, people that share commitment and grit. Our members range from all levels of fitness and age groups, from 16 to 60 years old.


If you are interested in to try out our box, we offer the “Probemonat” which includes 4xWeek of personal group training and you can attend to the:

– Onramp courses – here we learn the basic movements to be able to train CrossFit.

– BodyFitness – here we work without Olympic weightlifting and focus more on cardio and endurance.


Small group training memberships start at 89€ a month.


You never done CrossFit?

This is how it starts for all of us, and that is why we created the Onramp Program.

The Session is one hour long, where we introduce Escapist CrossFit and you do your first CrossFit Workout.  Any person can participate, without having any pre-knowledge of special movements. You simple just have to have the will to move.