Christmas Deal - Start 2019 like a Rocket

Are you ready to change somebody's life?

We have proven results of making people loose fat, get stronger, 
fitter and happier than ever before.
Now you have a change to give that to somebody you care about.

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We always start with the most important - the nutrition which is the key to success. NUTRITION START - Nutrition eduction 30min - Health Check - Habits evaluation - Goal Definition - General Nutrition plan 89€

Personalised Training

The best program depend on where you are in your journey. - Goal definition - 3 x 30 min Private Training - Home workouts 139€

Private Bootcamp

This is a plan that is created to make deep changes in a persons habits and get her stronger and leaner over 6 weeks. - Health check up - Goal Setting - 6 week 2xweek 30 min personal training - Pre-Test and After-test 640€

Do it together

Join your friend!

1. Write us and tell us your friends name and what product you like
2. We send you a confirmation and send a gift card with the product. Payment goes via bank transfer.
3. Your friend will be scheduled after his calendar (we contact him/her after the holidays)
4. Feel good! You have changed the direction of someones life. =)

Anything else?

Give a friend the best coffee in town. 
This coffee is used by the top baristas in Berlin and is quality controlled for fair workers wages and sustainable farming. 
For more info you can read by clicking the product below.
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Nadin S.

I'm fitter than ever

The training has had positiv impacts on many aspects of my life. First of all I'm fitter than I ever was.

Andrea B.
It became my base

Was new in town and had a new job an new nobody and Escapist CrossFit became my base and it gave me new friends, work and joy.

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