In a world where most others sit. We make you move.
Out-beat competition by maximising your  performance.
We train and educate corporate leaders and employees to make better decisions for their health.

Get stronger, healthier and more successful and mitigate sickness saving up 10 000€ per employee and increasing productivity like nothing else.
  • One-on-one Training

  • Group training

  • Nutrition and health guidance

  • Productivity rally

  • Optimization for office workers

  • Facilitated Problem solving

Potential release
Get out of old habits
Appreciated by
Top Tier Companies
Connection in a group
Healthy staff
Find your aim
Reach your targets
Optimise and execute
Save time
Create strong bounds

Top Tier Training

To be a high achiever requires also to be in good shape in mind and body. We create special individual programs for CEO’s and managers that want to get fit and be able to use their heads during hard aerobic demand.

Group Training

We train groups or departments in our box. We also help to create a space within your facilities where employees can workout. We encourage that employees also train by themselves and that is why we emphasize and show them how to lift, run and jump the correct way.

Onsite Gym

We help companies to create the best training facilities for their employees. A constrained budget usually leads to bad decisions and we know how to use a budget in the best way.

Movement Consult

We will guide you to create a working space that is encouraging movement throughout the day. Depending on size of your organisation and art of work, we offer different consultation and programs to get your employees moving in the right way. The more people move and get healthier, the happier and more productive they will be.First we have a look at the conditions at your workspace and have a seminar with staff regarding what it is to move in the right way. By applying small but effective changes,a sales office increased their sales in $40 Million in just one quarter.

Case Study

AJ & Smart is one of the most successful design agencies in Europe at the moment. In their last year they  increased their profits and revenue by more than 10 times(!). They now coach top-tiers at Tech comanies in Sillicon Valley and all over the world.


At the beginning of 2017 we started a collaboration of training their staff twice a week and have increased their general health markers since then.


We are super happy to be a part of this journey!


Read more about AJ & Smart here.

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Our Loyal Clients
We are proud and happy the be abe to work with these clients.

Do you know what

Crossworking is?

Think of it as a HIIT workout but for meetings and decision making.


ex. VAT 10 persons

  • 60 min + 60 min
  • Fundamentals Nutrition
  • Fundamentals Fitness
  • Fundamentals MVMNT
  • Fundamentals Workout
Group Training

per session

  • 60 min training
  • Max 10 persons
  • Team building
  • Flexible times
  • Ask for more infos!

3 Months

  • inhouse 3 x week
  • 30 min sessions
  • Performance hacking
  • MVMNT Consultancy
  • Fundamentals Nutrition

Perfect day Small

  • Workout
  • Healthy snacks
  • Define problem
  • Present solution
  • Save weeks of work!
Want more help?

Every company has different needs and demands which we customize our program and offers to.

Please feel free to book a 30 min Free Consultation at our location or we come to you.

We look at your specific questions and requirements for optimal output. 


Find us

Our location is situated in the magnificent S-Bahnbögen close to Savignyplatz.

We have all hotels and restaurants close to us and collaborate with the neighborhood.



3 min walk from Savignyplatz S-Bahn

3 min walk from U-Bahn Uhlandstrasse

7 min walk from Zoologischer Garten

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