We offer CrossFit with Personal Training and Nutrition in Berlin Charlottenburg


Hundreds of pounds have been shed by our clients. Try our methods here at our Savignyplatz location.


We help clients with an individual approach. Fastest way is via personal training combined with a good nutrition coach. We have both!
Meet Gina, she lost 10 kilos in her first 4 months.
She started with Intro program and Nutrition coaching.
Meet Silke, she lost 14 kilos in her first 8 months.
She started with our Bootcamp and has created a healthy habit of continuous training.
Meet Arvid, he lost 14 kilos in his first 3 months.
He wanted to get fit for next hockey season and is now fitter than ever.
What will your story be?

Write us any question and we will get back at you in, lets say, 10 min. =)

Limited Memberships

Each month we onboard a limited amount of participants.

Book a FREE consultation today to reserve your spot!

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We have the best personal trainers in Berlin

If you are here, you are looking for change!

We help people to be the best version of themselves and the transformations never stop. After helping and changing people for over two years we have lost hundreds of kilos of fat and gained hundreds of kilos of muscles.

Book a free consultation to get you started!


It is the most effective training plan to achieve the goal that you have dreamt of.

- Personal Training
- Nutrition Coaching
- Lifestyle optimisation 

How it works

Our program is made for people who want to be coached and see permanent change happen in their life.

Take a first step and come for a coffee and talk about your goals and we create your plan.

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We have the best training program of the world. How do we know? Because it works!


The body is in need of good nutrition and we know what to eat and when. It is not a quick fix but a lifestyle!


After over two years of experience we have had 100% satisfaction rate.


The best thing in life is to see how people in our facility is getting healthier and stronger. We are chasing lives one day at a time!
Rickard B.
Coach / Owner
As one of the founders here I take pride in the changes we bring to people. Our best proof is our clients.
Gerardo H.
My goal is to get people live their lives in full and being independent and I'm there to get there.
Marc Rhys Davies
PT / Nutrition Coach
The best way to optimise the performance of the mind is to get your body in shape.
Wanda H.
PT / Nutrition Coach


We measure weight, body fat, blood pressure and work capacity and we have had 100% success rate since we started.

Life changing program starting at 299€
Find us

Escapist CrossFit Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 578-579 10623 Berlin S-bahn Savignyplatz or U-bahn Uhlandstr.

Call us or text us

+49 30 521 02 388

Send us an email

hello (at) escapist crossfit.com Use subject '90 days'

What do our clients say?

Andrea B.

Since I moved to Berlin this place has given me so much more than I expected. I got fitter than ever before and got a new job and a new life.
I feel better than ever!
Thomas R.

Ich habe seit 20 Jahre nichts gemacht und seitdem ich eine böse Schulterverletzung hatte, kam war Sport nie mehr ein Tema.  Nach den ersten 10 Wochen hatte ich schon 9 Kilo runter und ich bin nun schon über ein Jahr hier und nun funktioniert mein Körper viel besser und ich kann als Unternehmer mehr als vor leisten.

Ich nehme mir diese Zeit weil die kommt sonst einfach nicht.
Emma N.

I moved from Hollywood to Berlin and gained 12kg and I struggled with finding a place in this city. After my first 6 weeks I was already down 6 kg and now I'm fitter than I've ever been and my kids are astound that me as a mom can do what I do.

This place is a place where I feel happy and I can't imagine what it would be without this.

What is a non-sweat?

This is the process we work by to find the best fit for you!

Get to know you

We want to learn about your post experiences and background and things you enjoy doing.


We want to understand your goals in health and fitness and find the best way to reach them.

Make a Plan

We look at where you are and where you want to go and create a map for you to pursue.


The main reason we want to get to know you is because we want to help you getting fitter and healthier