How does weight loss work?

First comes a good diet but sometimes you can hack the system by starting to train first.

My diet is the most important thing I have to fix if I want to lose weight but it is very hard to know where to start.

For most of us sports are the best way to get us going in the right direction. Important is that the sport or fitness routine is challenging enough and that it lets you see results in your performance over time. This is one major factor why crossfit is so successful, you can always improve and get better in comparison to some fitness programs without a measuring methodology twined into the program.



The exercise forces the body to get the engine going and this is a key point of getting healthy. Your body needs to eat and to move because this is the only way it also can heal and get stronger. This is called metabolism and if you stop eating and eat too little your body will start to break down.


This is something I see more and more in women (also men), that starve themselves for all their lives, that their hormonal functions start to shut down then causing hormonal imbalances leading to weight gain over time.

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This must be the most horrible situation I can think of – to starve all the time and not being able to enjoy food.

Since food for me personally is one of the best things in life, I don’t want to have the feeling I’m doing something wrong when I eat myself full. I want to embrace the feeling of being full, happy and satisfied and to know that all that I ate will make me to perform better tomorrow.

Yes, we kind of know this already, but the best way to actually lose weight is to eat and move. I have to find the best suit for me to get moving in a way that I also want to alter my diet. For me personally, this is CrossFit.

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If you want to get started with CrossFit feel free to join our intro courses and we will try to keep our promise to you too, of giving the best experience of the day.

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