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Everyday we guide you into the world of CrossFit.

We encourage everyone to come by and join one of our fitness courses, where you will get to know the basics of CrossFit. 

Get to know the facility, the coaches and how everything works.

You can join by booking straight into our system as “free trial”. There you will be able to see what courses are open. 

We assure you an experience that will last as long as you live.

How does it work?



The first session is for free. After signing up, you will get an email confirming that you signed up for the  session.


Show up at least 5-10 min before the workou,t so we can show you around and you can get to know the people in our box.


The whole session is one hour long; warm up, workout and cool down. You can be an absolute beginner or an experienced athlete. The fitter you are the harder it gets!


After the session we will happily answer your questions regarding our memberships and philosophy.


If you are younger than 18, we will need your parents to sign a contract on behalf of you participating.


See you in our box! Remember to have fun!




Hella is one of our star members. She has a background in Lacrosse and has lived in more countries than most of us. She  is a legal clerk in Berlin at the moment and brings a great attitude and spirit every time she comes.   Thank you for being here Hella!


As a beginner you start by learning how to move


We take an extra look on your movement patterns

Work on your weaknesses

Learn to be humble, greatness is built on a steady base
  • Workout of the day

    CrossFit WOD

    high intensity workout, which might include elements of weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio elements and bodyweight movements. Usually it is put together with a strength/skill part to develop certain capabilities.

  • Heavy and hard


    Your normal WOD, just heavier and harder. Focus on weightlifting. In order to sign up for this class, you must fulfil the Escapist Rx+ requirements.

  • Constantly varied cardio

    Body Fitness

    high intensity workout to get in shape fast, based on bodyweight movements mixed with cardio elements.

  • Put on your gloves.

    Glove Fit

    high intensity workout, which mixes CrossFit elements with boxing drills.

  • It begins with you


    Jump start your life and get professional on boarding from our coaches. Get to know your own body and learn how you can become even better. Meet other motivated people that only compete with themselves.

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