Escapist CrossFit
Stand 19. October 2020

Hygiene Concept

Before coming to the box

If you feel sick or have symptoms of Corona, please stay home. 

Pack your face mask.

At the box

Each member has to wear face mask and keep 1,5m distance outside training area.

The door in workout room is kept open during workout hours. 

Members and coaches don’t have to wear mask during training but keep distance of 1,5 m during training time. If coach needs to assist for any specific movement, this is allowed and coach will use face mask.

If you share equipment please disinfect hands before usage.

After the workout we disinfect all equipment and also the floor. When everyone is out we put a fan to increase air circulation before next class can start.

We advice everyone to come with different shoes and put workout shoes on at the box.

If you can bring your own towel and mat for sweat we can keep a bit safer.

If we encounter violation of the rules our staff has 100% authority to refuse a person entry to our box and community and the right to freeze the membership.

In case of corona:

Contact Gesundheitsamt in your area.

Please inform via email: and write in detail who has been in contact, when and where. For urgent cases please text WhatsApp: +49 30 52102388

If you have had contact with person with Corona and have to be quarantined please contact us and we are happy to set up an individual program for online personal training.


  • Stay home if you have symptoms
  • Minimum distance 1,5m
  • Maximum 1 person in locker room, shower is available.
  • Maximum 2 person in Mirror room, wear masks.
  • Designated workout area (boxes) for each member also during open gym.
  • Toilette can be used (hygiene standard to be held)

Thank you!

Escapist Team