If you start now, in just 3 weeks you will see a difference.
How do I start?
Our Non-Sweat Intro is the best way to get started, in less than 30 min:

  • Have a cup of coffee (on the house)
  • We will go through your specific progression
  • Set up your goals and get started!

The Non-Sweat Intro is FREE and takes about 30 min.
Check out our schedule and book a time that suits you the best.

Our Workouts

We put many hours into planning all the workouts. We make people stronger, faster, agile, flexible and healthier.

  • Marc-Rhys Davies is our Nutrition Coach
  • Marc-Rhys Davies is our Nutrition Coach
Lets have a talk about


The foundation for health and fitness is the nutrition.

Sometimes the best place to start is with your diet.

We have a great team of people that want to help you and we personlize the nutrtion to who you are.


4 weeks in total

4 sessions intro technique and theory with private coach + one session BodyFitness


2 Weeks / 3 trainings per week (CrossFit/BodyFitness)

Intro Program 298€

Intro Program + Nutrition Intro 397€



Each session is 45 min long and is packed with technique, theory and a small workout. 

In total it is 4 sessions really getting to know you
We book all sessions so it suits your calendar and we look at your specific needs.
Besides the private sessions, you can also join one additional BodyFitness group class anytime you want.

After you have participated in the first 4 sessions you can participate for 2 more weeks, up to 3 times a week, in any class you like.


Sign up for our Private intro program!


Do I have to be fit to do the Intro program?
No! You just need to want to do it. We will build your capacity as well as your knowledge in the basic movements. 

What can I expect to happen after the first 4 weeks?
You will have gained a lot of knowledge about yourself and also what your strenghts are (we all have one). You will start asking yourself how to get even better and there is where our conversation starts.

Can women do CrossFit?
No, women don’t “do” CrossFit…they thrive at CrossFit! We see this everyday, working with students, mums and grannys! 65% of our members are women! Still, we like to have a culture where everyone can participate, man or women.

I have a bad knee/elbow/shoulder, can I still do CrossFit?
We see injuries as an opportunity to work on other skills or build strenght and endurance in new ways. We know from experience everyone has more potential than they think. We help you to open up new doors in your potential.

Is it possible to start CrossFit without being able to do a pull-up/push up?
You only need to be curious and interested! We will teach you how to do what you think is important to you. If you want to do a pull-up, Great! We can get you there. If you want to run a fast Marathon, that’s is superb, let’s make the best plan for that!
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  • Marc-Rhys Davies is our Nutrition Coach


The foundation of health is our nutrition and that is why we offer different packages for you to get fit also outside the gym.

Our goal is to help people no matter where they are at the moment. Nutrition is the backbone and foundation of our health and that is why we take it so seriously.

Our programs are individualized and therefore also very successful. We happily share our case studies on request!
The methodolgy is very simple and effective and we use the latest science to back us in our programs.

Are you curious? Then book a 30 min free talk (coffee is on us).

We are located just 5 min from S-Bahn Savignyplatz and U-Bahn Uhlandstr.

It takes 7 min to walk from Zoologischer Garten and are plenty of busses just around the corner.

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The Escapist Team
We speak your language.

30 min - Non-sweat?

Please feel free to contact us for a 30 min free non-sweat introduction. We explain how our gym works and also how we get people in our gym to be fitter than anywhere else.