Mobility for getting pain free

Mobility is an essential part of our development as humans. It affects our daily functioning as human beings, and it can really make a strong difference in our quality of life. The lifestyle that we follow, spending long hours sitting in front of the computer, and the lack of movement in our daily life can all act in shortening the range of motion of our joints and making us feel stiff and old. In order to help people improve their mobility, and bring attention to this important issue, we are launching a special assessment program (1,5h) to get rid of your pain.   95% of all people say they have some kind of pain and let’s be clear it is NOT normal to be in pain. This is the body telling you something has gone very wrong and soon you will have an injury.   In our program you get a full body scan so you can see where we need to start to get you back to normal. You also get a schedule of techniques to improve your mobility.   ATTENTION! We provide just a handful assessments per month. Book your assessment via button below.   Price is 159€  

Rickard Björnekärr, MobilityWod Coach

Rickard is a ceritfied MobilityWod coach. He looks at movement patterns and can help you with getting rid of pain. Coaches in English, German, Swedish, Finnish and some rubbish.

About the Escapist CrossFit in Berlin

 We are a urban CrossFit box in downtown Berlin, close to metro stations, shopping streets, restaurants and hippster coffee shops. You will have the option to do CrossFit classes, GloveFit classes and BodyFit Classes. You will get fit by attending to our box classes and you will meet people from the entire world. The Escapist CrossFit is an analog experience and there are no shortcuts. You will have fun, sweat do high-fives and be happy. In our box you will also find healthy foods, snacks and drinks that we handpicked for you. You will be able to drink mushroom coffee, protein shakes, paleo cakes and much more. Just contact us if you have any questions and we will be there for you. We praise the value of getting to know our members first before they start training at our gym. DIRECTIONS Get your directions From U-Bahn Uhlandsstaße find link HERE  From U-Bahn / S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten find directions HERE  From S-Bahn Savignyplatz find link HERE  From Alexanderplatz just take S-Bahn to Savignyplatz.