Moms and Dads doing Crossfit

All people need exercise to get through life. During parenthood our level of fitness will be faced with short nights, lots of lifting, bad positions, neck and backaches.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can work proactively and strengthen your weak spots and also get educated in how to avoid bad positions. This is not only important for us as parents, but also for the kids benefit. The more fit their parents are – the more they have energy to teach and for the baby to explore.


Be prepared, because we are build to move ourselves and the reward is more than flexibility and strength – it’s also mental happiness and power.

We talk from own experience.
About the Escapist CrossFit in Berlin
We are a urban gym in downtown Berlin, close to metro stations, shopping streets, restaurants and hippster coffee shops. You will have the option to do CrossFit classes, GloveFit classes and BodyFit Classes. You will get fit by attending to our box classes and you will meet people from the entire world. The Escapist CrossFit is an analog experience and there are no shortcuts. You will have fun, sweat do high-fives and be happy. In our box you will also find healthy foods, snacks and drinks that we handpicked for you. You will be able to drink mushroom coffee, protein shakes, paleo cakes and much more. Just contact us if you have any questions and we will be there for you. We praise the value of getting to know our members first before they start training at our gym.   DIRECTIONS Get your directions From U-Bahn Uhlandsstaße find link HERE  From U-Bahn / S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten find directions HERE  From S-Bahn Savignyplatz find link HERE 

From Alexanderplatz just take S-Bahn to Savignyplatz.                                                                                                

Gerardo Hurtado, father of 2 kids

Even though I tried almost every sport out there, from motorcycle to snowboard, for almost 15 years I mainly focus on rugby. I was lucky enough to represent my Chile at international level, in u19, u21 and senior level, and to play in one of the most successful teams in Chile in a time when we were the dominant force in the country. I strongly believe in the power of sports for building better persons; they make us resilient, disciplined, committed, stronger in failure and humble in success. All in all, they make us believe in ourselves and work hard for our goals. Crossfit is not different; it takes a lot of character not to quit during a hard workout when your head and every muscle is telling you to do so. It´s painful, grueling and exhausting...but it is totally worth it! I have been living in Berlin since 2011, and think that it is one of the best places in the world. Before starting the box, I worked as an investment advisor and in consulting projects related to agribusiness in Africa. Coaches in: German, Spanish and English

Rickard Björnekärr, father of 1 kid

'My sports background is quite wide all from football, tennis, basketball, judo to floor hockey, but my experience lies firstly within ice-hockey, which I played for 22 years, and at best in first league for juniors in Sweden. I believe sport saves us from all the bad stuff out there and I think CrossFit is one of the best things you can do to prevent bad habits and procrastination - it’s a game changer even for pro athletes!” Born 1984 in Stockholm as a finnish citizen and grew up with a passion for sports, and dreamt of playing in the NHL as a kid. Now the rink has turned into a box, and it’s stanley cup final every night! Before working with sports Rickard has been working internationally with business development, design development and project management. Coaches in: German, English, Swedish, Finnish and some Jibberish.