You want to get fit and feel better?

Get fit and feel great with the most effective training method in the world.

What we will help you with?

Most effective training program in the world.

Working with the best training methodology in the world, with functional movements preparing for real life.

The abs are made in the kitchen.

We have helped hundreds of people to change their habits. Are you ready too?

Get fit and feel better than ever before.

We change peoples lives because we measure the progress of each member at Escapist.

Our customers are the most important measurement of success we have.

Join one of the most successful communities and share your story too!

Silke - CEO

Lost 14 Kilos in 6 months of nutrition and training.

Arvid - Electrician

Lost 14 Kilos in 3 Months with nutrition and training.

Gina - Stewardess

Lost 10 Kilos in 4 Months with nutrition and training.

Some more in words …

After having my first kid I needed a quick way to get fit again. Now I am fitter than ever before.

Ines - Bayer

When I moved to Berlin I gain a lot of weight. Since I found Escapist I lost 12 kg and can run, lift and do anything I want.

Emma - Casting Agent

The biggest factor that makes me enjoy Escapist CrossFit: a great supportive community fo friendly approachable people.

Henry - Managing Partner

We are there for each step of your journey.

People change people, not apps. Here is our journey:


Book your 15min Free Goal Talk with your coach.


Your coach will help and find the best plan for you.


We do a biometric scan with our InBody.


Your training starts with your goals defined.


Track your performance, and get results!

The best way to find your way is to have a good map.

Your coach is an expert that will draw the best detailed map you have ever had. Focus on the things that are important to you.


What kind of training are you doing?

We teach you how to move safely by doing natural movements like squats, deadlifts and pull ups.


How long is a contract?

We offer tailored programs for our members and most have 6 or 12 months contracts.


What if I cannot do a pull up?

Most people that start have something they want to improve. We teach you how to get your first pull up and so on.


How much is it?

We offer different programs like 1-1 coaching, nutrition coaching, health assessments and group classes. To get to know our full range of packages schedule a free goal talk.

Meet your team:

We are here to help you!


Hello, I'm Wanda and I am PT & Nutrition Coach.


Hey, I'm Gerardo and I'm Co-Founder and Coach.


Hi, I'm Marc and I'm PT & Nutrition Coach.


Hey there, I'm Frida and I work at front desk!


Hey, I'm Rickard and I'm Co-Founder & Mobility Coach.

Schedule a FREE Goal Setting Call with us!

We invite your for a fresh cup of coffee or tee in person or over zoom. �

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