First Monday of the Year

Today is the first Monday of this year and for some of us this is a dreaded day where many of us come back to work after the holidays and you should have loads of energy now to put into work, family, friends and training and we tend to over exaggerate what we want to accomplish and then we just go back to old routines.
If you want to get changes done you have to begin with small steps and commitments. Here are some tips of how to do it.
Training – start by rewarding yourself by just going to the box 2 times a week. If you haven’t done anything before this is a major game changer and no need to reshape your life in one blow.
Diet – change one small routine e.i. cut out on bread and only bread for 3-4 weeks and see how that goes. Always baby steps. 
Sleep – as a first step don’t have your mobile phone in your bedroom. Have it on charge in the kitchen or somewhere else. Try this for a couple of weeks.
These are all just small examples and important for you is to see what is the lowest barrier for me to overcome. 
Share this with friends, co-workers and family. Get them to know about your challenge. 

Stay motivated
For Escapist Crossfit the first weekends of some real sweating are done! 
We’d love to thank all of you that showed up on new years eve to end 2016 in the best possible way there is. 
Now we are already in the new year and man we we have to get used to say 2017 and also get our routines going. 
More trainings are up and coming and we are very exited to see what we can accomplish this year.
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