Paleo Challenge 2017

Moin moin, get things going mate!

Yes, too often we procrastinate and you should not feel too bad about it, also great entrepreneurs, actors, politicians and dishwashers do it. However, the difference is that guys like Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett got where they are by one simple mean – they acted and took a shot. Many times we fail and this goes for all. Michael Jordan missed over 6000 shots but still is the most successful basketball player ever. Now, what can we learn from this? Well, when you read this we want you to think of one thing that you’ve been thinking of and just DO IT and then do the next thing, and then the next…and then…

JOIN our Summer BBQ / Paleo Challenge
This Saturday 13:00 you shall join the Team WOD. At 14:00 we go through the challenge, thereafter we will prepare a BBQ. We will have meat and salads ready. If you have something cool you wanna bring, just do it! Everyone can join – friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or co-worker. In fact the more people that you meet on a daily basis that also is committed will bring you even more success. Habits or challenges are usually broken down by people we know and not by ourselves. Think about that.

The benefits of doing this challenge are the following:
Do something NEW! Get to know how it actually feels when the body is OK! (It’s the small things)
The first 7 days are the hardest then you will fly!
Lose body fat – Haha! Yes, just like in the commercials! Why? Join at 14:00 and get to know why!
Get mentally fitter – meaning you will feel that you have more energy.
Do something for 30 days that will have an impact on the following 10 years!
No low blood sugar crashes – you will not get sleepy after lunch

If you have any excuses why you can’t do it…please write those in a letter and open it in 10 years. Will you think those excuses were valid? 😉 Sign up on facebook here and share -> https://www.facebook.com/events/134171123846601/

Skills & Technique
Free trials can now join these classes!
This Sunday 10.00  -> Learn how to do Pull ups, Muscle ups and practice these.
Next Wednesday 17:30 -> Learn how to do Handstand, Push ups and Handstand Pushups.

NEW Bootcamp Starts 5th August
You want to commit to a plan?
Then follow this progression and develop your stamina and skills three times a week in 6 weeks. The total cost for this is 249€.
Read more and sign up here -> http://www.escapistbootcamp.com

Home workout & Mobility Tip
Look at this video. You will need a chair. Something that is “heavy”.

Did you know we have a podcast?
Yes, we have a podcast where we interview people that we admire and think are doing something right in this world. In our last episode we talked to Jakobina and Elin Jonsdottir that just know opened a box on Iceland. Listen to it on itunes or watch on Youtube. We talk about a lot of things but we think it specially is a good listen for women that do or want to do crossfit. Our homepage for the podcast is: http://www.escapistcorner.com

Have fun, workout, look better naked!
Ricardo & Gerard