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How to help someone to lose weight

One member came in and was worried. Her nephew was getting "fluffy" and she did not understand. He plays a lot of sports but still it seems like he just keeps gaining weight.

And we all know someone that needs help to lose weight or get back on track and we help people every day to overcome their struggle.

Therefore I thought I should summarise some helpful points to get help someone getting back on track.

I believe it is a big mistake to think that people gain weight because they are lazy or that they are stupid. I think it is because of lacking education in how you should eat.

Most people think you have to "eat less and move more" and we have been told this for over 40 years and what has happened? We have just gotten fatter and more sick. To eat less and move more is probably the worst approach to lose weight or getting back on track or at least we know over 80% fail by doing this.

What I have seen to work with a 90% churn is to educate people to EAT RIGHT instead and it has a snowball effect on the rest of their life. There is a saying "give a man a fish and you will still his hunger for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself the rest of his life."
Check out my video below for some practical tips. Hope you enjoy it.

Coach Rickard
Do you need help to know how to help others to eat right?

Check out this video about how a simple fix can help yourself and others.

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