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Be in Control.

Be in control of what you do and want!

Let us have a look at the things that we are in control of and what things we don’t control.

Sometimes we struggle to have time to do the things we want to do. We say we are busy, but busy is just another way of saying “I chose this less important thing over you, or this other thing I actually wanted to do”.


How do we know what to do?

We start by looking at the big things in life that are the most important to us. For most of us this will be family, friends, work, health, sports etc. and then we have all these small things that take a lot of our time without us thinking about it – grocery shopping, eating out, going for drinks, social media, telephone calls, commuting and driving, Netflix etc.

At the end of the day we don’t know where time went and we surely know that we don’t have time to do what we wanted to do because things ended up not at all after plan. This is in general called life. It is meant to be chaos and we are meant to be trying to figure out how to dance through this chaos.

So here are some very helpful tricks to get on top of things.

  • First step

    Block out next Sunday 2-4pm

    Determine a space where you will go and to write down all important things in your life. Give them a score and rank them.

  • Second step

    What is in my control?

    Ask yourself which things you actually are in control of. What can you change by doing something right now?

  • Third step

    What is my priority?

    Give the highest ranking things a set out time in your calendar the next 4 weeks. Put your CrossFit sessions where it suits you and stick to it.

  • Step four

    Go to bed. Go up early!

    You control your sleep so wake up earlier. Go up 1 hour earlier than you do know and ask yourself what you could do with this time that will help you or someone else.

  • Step five.

    Be German. Be on time!

    Respect your time and others by always being there when you agreed to be somewhere. You are important but you should show others how important they also are - it will pay you back!

  • Step six.

    Say no!

    What can you say no to? Learn to say no to unimportant stuff in your life. You don't have to be everywhere and do everything. You only have to be in the place that brings you forward to the next level.

To be continued...

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