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Would you like to optimise your work?Want to 10x your health and productivity?
Together with our member Austin Keeble we have been experimenting with a new way of working. The goal is to supercharge the normal work week by following a few basic principles:

?‍ Move at work. Wear comfortable clothes to allow for mobility and movement.

? Eat with accountability. No standard office food, no exceptions.

? Work like an athlete – high intensity interval productivity – HIIP!

⏰ Timebox every minute, ideally with a facilitator. This sounds stressful, but  is actually incredibly fun and effective.

Sounds good? It’s not for everybody, but it might be for you. This is especially useful to entrepreneurs and freelancers who need to make the most of their time and participate in a community for increased accountability.  

For now, we will continue the experiment by offering it to our current members as a standard class. In the future, we’ll be offering this as a separate service and price to individuals and companies. Trial sessions are scheduled for Tuesday July 24th and Thursday July 26th 1pm – 530pm.