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Mobility Sessions


I’m super happy that so many are interested in the mobility sessions that are coming.To start with this is an experimental class where the focus will be to make you more flexible and also for you to understand more basic anatomy and how the body works.

We will start with two sessions that you can sign up for right now and tell me your issues.

Sunday 30/9 11:00
Saturday 13/10 14:00
Price: 10 € for members, 30 € for non members

We will work on upper body (arms, hands, shoulders, spine and neck) and lower body (feet, calves, legs, hips and lumbar spine) and we will do some pre- and after tests.

Why mobility?
The reason why I got my MWod certificate was because I saw there was a strong correlation between injuries and lack of range of motion. The more I got into this I also understood how little I’ve been thought in my sports background about the issues we were having as ice hockey players. It got to the point where I almost got mad, because so many talented sportsmen never got to higher leagues due to lack of knowledge in this area. I think if more people would understand some basics about the human body we could mitigate so much unnecessary pain and leakage of potential.

I look forward meeting you all.


Ps. I’m just curious. Do you feel comfortable reading a book for 10 minutes in a squat?