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How We Make People Insanely Fit

At Escapist CrossFit we pride ourselves on transforming our members from normal people to super fit people. 

How we do that? In two words: Hard Work!

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There is no Silver bullet
We all know this.
Unfortunately there is no silver bullet that allows you to go from zero to hero for free, you have to earn it. We demand effort from our members, because we know that those efforts will provide the results that they are looking for.

What does hard work mean?
The best in this world have been 
the ones that work for the future
and not for the instant pleasures.
Now, hard work does not mean boring. We work with a “group personal training” method, that is, one coach for a maximum of 10 people. Also, we develop our workouts in order to exert different responses from your body in order to develop skills that are necessary for life, such as stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination and agility.

How do we target skills?
You have to learn the difference between;
training and practice.
Mixing different elements into workouts, and then performing those workouts at high intensity. Among the different things that we put into workouts, we have elements of gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning (rowing, running). An example workout would be:

3 rounds for time (as fast as possible) of:
20 wall balls
20 Kettlebell Swings
20 Box jumps
200m run
What about diet?
You have to learn the difference between;
training and practice.
Another very important topic (maybe the most important) that we also discuss with our members is nutrition; how we feed our body and how to improve and increase our knowledge base regarding food. We live by the mantra that “you can't outtrain a bad diet”. Nutrition is at the base of our health pyramid, and it is the most important element to live a long healthy life. When we are able to work on these two elements, nutrition and fitness, we are building the foundations for a healthy life.

What have we learned?
In a nutshell; high intensity (fun) group training + Healthy nutrition.
Nobody said it would be easy, but it’s totally worth it!

How fit is someone doing CrossFit for 1 year?
You can only know by measuring data.
Compared to a normal distribution a person with no fitness at all goes from being below average in their fitness level to being in the top 20% in the country. And so it continues. We see this when we measure heart rate and Vo2max. There is almost nothing like what we are doing.

What fitness type and level are you?

Fill out our small quiz and get to know where you are.