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MOM: Dirk Remuss

  • Dirk Remuss

Age: Do you really want know? 56
Job: Rechtsanwalt und Steuerberater

How often do you train a week?
3-4 times

How has training at Escapist CrossFit improved your life?
Since I have always been a very active person, there has not been a dramatic change. However, CF has changed my body awareness a lot. And it has shown me that one can always improve and learn new stuff.
So, the answer is: Yes certainly!

What habits in your everyday life has changed since you started training at the Escapist?
I stretch more often at home (still not enough) and I am a bit more nutrition-conscious.
  • Dirk Remuss

How did you discover the Escapist?
I noticed the box when passing by at lunch-break. I had watched „The Fittest On Earth“ a couple of years ago and therefore I already knew what CF was. So I knocked at the door, hoping to meet some „Dottirs" inside. This did not happen but they offered me a free intro session. Since then I am hooked.

Do you recommend others to come to the Escapist? Why?
Of course. It's not only about the sport, its the coaches, the community.,the positive atmosphere. There are so many good humans in this place, its amazing.

Do you remember your First WOD? How did it feel?
I think it was some skills stuff. I couldn’t even „snatch“ the empty barbell and felt sick in the evening 🙂
  • Dirk Remuss

What sports did you do before CrossFit?
As a kid I did fencing competitively. Before starting CF I was a triathlete for 12 years.

What is your favorite WOD?
Maybe FRAN… or MURPH

What is your favorite exercise?
Power Clean

Which exercises do you like less?
Overhead Squats (just because my shoulder mobility su%&$ 🙂

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