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Why Rebecca started at Escapist CrossFit

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Rebecca started out with One-on-one sessions. Read her experiences here.
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What were your reasons for choosing to start your CrossFit Journey with One-on-One Intro?
I decided to start CrossFit with One-on-One Intro because I knew that one of the most important components of the workout is having the proper technique. I wanted to learn the fundamental movements on a one to one basis so I could really understand each movement, ask specific questions, and make sure that all of the technical components I was learning were being executed correctly.
What type of people would you recommend to start CrossFit One-on-One Intro?
I think the kind of athlete that would benefit from a personal trainer when starting CrossFit is the one who wants to learn in a focused environment where there are no distractions. I think group workouts are fun and motivating, but CrossFit has a lot of movements and technical components that most people have never done. A lot of information and technique is thrown at you right away, so having a PT was a great way to get a strong grasp on the fundamentals.
What are the biggest thing you have learned?
Since walking through the doors and signing up at Escapist CrossFit, I have learned more than I thought I would in just one month. One of the biggest things I have experienced is how my body operates with extremely difficult and technical movements. We are all built differently and no body operates in the same way. It has been really eye opening to see what MY body can do and how far I can push myself.
How has what you've learned in the program helped you to improve your performance in classes?
Coming into a CrossFit box can be incredibly intimidating, but because I had great instruction during my One-on-One Intro I felt I could jump right in and participate in a regular CrossFit or body fitness class. I was given very detailed information so I had a strong grasp of the various movements when going into my first class. Because I started across fit with a private trainer, I was given a great foundation, which I have then carried into my regular classes now.
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