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MOM May 2019: Carmen Ruediger

  • Dirk Remuss
How old are you?

What do you work with?
Ruum by SAP - Strategic Go to Market and Sales for Europe, Asia and South America 

Why do you train at Escapist CrossFit?
Amazing people, great vibe, exhausting workouts - I love the Box!

  • Dirk Remuss
What have changed since you started training?
When I started at Escapist I was 6 month post-op from my 4th knee surgery - including 2 ACL replacements and a bone transfer from the hip into the tibia. I couldn't squat, jump or run properly. Today, 2 years later, I'm pain free, back 100% in mobility and stronger than ever 

Where have you made the most progress in training?
general conditioning, knee stability and my shoulders don't really fit in most of my T-Shirts any more 😀 

  • Dirk Remuss

What movement would you like to be able to master in the future?
Proper Handstand Walk and a Muscle up... the latter rather long term 😉

Anything else?
Looking forward to an amazing summer with all of you!

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