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How should I recover?

What people commonly do wrong in their recovery.
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Important to recover

One important aspect of training is recovery. We see that there is a lot of false conceptions of what recovery might be. 
One one hand we see people handling recovery as a day where they just stay jn bed all day and binge some netflix series until their eyes bleed.
Others think a good recovery day is to just do “some strength” or they end up hitting a new PR in their snatch and go “PR on my recovery day. Yay!” Two sides of the spectrum and both are not beneficial for recovery.
A recovery day can and should be active as in moderate movement of long time. Something as a slow jogg or long walk with some yoga might be a great way to make your body to recover but the effect of that will be minimal if your food is bad and you stay up half of the night.
Sometimes those things are also necessary but don’t confuse them with recovery since they might end up setting you back.