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What is your morning routine?

Alarm goes off and is time to go up. You would rather stay in bed and sleep longer not having to go anywhere. You drag yourself out and slowly start to feel awake.
You have a look at the clock and you realize you are already late to work. You jump into the shower, dress yourself and have a brief look into the mirror. You run the the coffeeshop and take a sandwich and latte takeaway(700 cal) and got o the office.
Arriving at the office you jump into your first meeting, today something very important, before meeting start you feel hungry and have a biscuit (200 cal) and another latte from the coffee machine (110 cal) and now sit in a meeting for two hours.
  • An alarm is still an alarm...

You have some time to send off some emails from your desk and stomach is telling you that you are hungry again, time for lunch! You and a couple of collegues go out for lunch and want to eat something healthy and choose to go to the italian place and have a salad. 

At the restaurant you look at the menu and see that the pizzas look really awesome and stomach says ”hell yes!” And you order a great ovenbaked pizza (951 cal) with a coke (139 cal), and for dessert there is a espresso and biscuit (200 cal) included.

  • Bread, fat, sause and some spices

Now, back to the office and some more meetings, emails and presentation preparation, in all action also some Gummi Bärchen (130 cal) get absorbed with a soda (139 cal).

Today it is friday and Jimmy callsout everyone for afterwork and you meet up for a nice afternoon and have three beers (670 cal) and some nuts (200 cal) to that. You get hungry and you all order burger with fries (900 cal).

  • This is how we look lie at our desks

You feel exhausted but you also dont want to miss a free weekend so you decide to go out with some friends. You go to some cool bars and end up at a club (800 cal). 

Saturday you feel destroyed so you simply stay in bed half day and but start feeling better in the afternoon and you decide to take it easy and fix some things in the appartment and you train on Sunday for your bad concience and now feel better and go for a sunday brunch with friends and since you were so good you also have a prosecco after brunch. Life is cool!
  • what could of wrong?
  • Im not here...

Can I hide?
Sunday evening. You try to not think about work and you feel like you deserve some chill and binge some Netflix and maybe also you feel like you deserve a Ben & Jerry's.

You go to bed and now it is Monday again.

Many of us have great jobs or careers to persue but many of us also are caught in a reality of reactive actions based on the will of no-one or others. There might be a feeling of missing out and most possibly you are, but the truth is that you might be missing out on things you need and you are constantly chasing things that arent important at all at the end.

There are plenty of ways to change this and the litterature shelves are stacked with books of selfhelp, but from our experience we see that people that have time for themselves in the morning for training or thinking are the ones advancing and finding their way rather sooner than later.
Win the morning and you’ll win the day!

So, what is your morning routine?

Anything else?

Shoot us an email and we will get back at you asap.