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Is CrossFit dead?


Some of you hardcore fitness people might have noted that CrossFit HQ deleted its multimillion big fanbase in social media accounts across Instagram and Facebook. 

For some this might have come as a chock and to be honest not many saw this coming. However this is not very far from our perception of the "problem" with social media.

In one way social media is great because it connects us, and heck many of us have founded great relationships via social media. But as it always is with things that seem to be too good, usually also are too good.

One major downside of social media is of course that the power gets centered to ONE company based in a country that most of us don't even live in and that the data we produce and provide is being butchered and used in ways we can't even imagine. If you want to know more about that there are plenty of books about it. (Check: "Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe")

But from a health perspective social media is making us very pacified and does have a tendency to bring out the worst from us, and at the same time it steals a lot of time we could have used actually talking to somebody in real life and look that person in the eyes and really listen.

When people tell us they don't have time to train, cook or meet friends we usually ask for their phones and pick up the app which tracks the phone usage everyday and it is mind boggling how many hours a day go on maybe one or two apps.
Here is a proof of how my screen usage has been lately. It is shocking. I could have used this time somewhere else. 

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We usually do one week of radio silence on social media too because we simply don't want to steel your time for at least one week and also make ourselves to reflect on what we are doing.

If you haven't tried, then I encourage you to take some days or weeks off from social media and see how it is.

Good luck and stay focused!