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Damage Control: Your Guide to Traveling Healthy(ish)


Set limits before you leave on the “damage” you will allow. Go in with an intention about how often you plan to break away from your normal eating, alcohol, sleep and training schedule. Write this down. Maybe you want to allow yourself to take some days off from formal training, or drink some alcohol. That’s perfectly ok. Just outline exactly how far you will deviate and write it somewhere (even better, tell someone about it to hold yourself accountable)

* If you choose to not train most of the time, decide you will train once, on a specific day, and plan the workout or reserve a class. 
* If you choose to drink alcohol, set boundaries; for example, every evening, one glass of wine and one beer will be the limit. 
* If you choose to majorly deviate from your normal sleep-wake schedule (and your body allows!), make an outline; ie going to bed no more than two hours later than usual. This gets more complicated when crossing large time zones, but the aim is to minimise the shock to your body once you return to your normal schedule (you’ll thank yourself at that point for setting rules around bedtimes even on holiday)


At the minimum, move for just 10-15 minutes every day. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and get in a short sweat just after getting up. Or before you go to bed. There are no excuses and you won’t regret doing it (you’ll be happy you did, especially once you are back)

* has great resources specifically for hotel room, bodyweight, outdoors. 
* We also have a complete 7-day plan of Vacation WOD's so you don't have to think at all! 
Here are a couple more very short WOD ideas: 
* EMOM 10’: 14 burpees 
* AMRAP 15’: 5 pushups, 10 squats, 15 situps
* EMOM 12’: 3 wall climbs, wall sit, 15 jumping lunges 


Just like trying the local food, try the local training style of choice! Whether it's a different CrossFit box or something outdoors, explore!

* Find the nearest box to where you’re staying and before you go, already sign yourself up for a class or two (or, if you’re really hardcore - find a box in the area you want to stay and book your hotel or flat according to the box’s location)
* Walk or bike through your travel destination rather than taking a taxi or public transport. Again, here it’s a double bonus: movement and save money! 
* Take advantage of movement opportunities; if you’re somewhere with water, go swimming! If you’re near a great forest or park, go for a long walk or hike! 


Plan your trip so that you can really enjoy the indulgences and avoid totally falling away from your normal health habits. Picnics are a perfect way to enjoy your holidays while still eating well!

* Find the nearest supermarket (that’s what google maps is for!) and plan to eat simples breakfast and lunch from here, and then indulge in dinner. This way you’ll also enjoy your special meals out at restaurants much more!
* Ideas: breakfast is unsweetened greek yogurt, raw nuts, and berries. Lunch is prosciutto, smoked salmon, hummus, carrots, cucumber, cheese (and a baguette if you’re in France :P) - recipe for a picnic in the nearest park!
* Even better, if you’re booking a hotel with a kitchen or an AirbnB, google the nearest farmers market. Plan ahead to check it out and gather the freshest of local produce and animal products to prepare for dinner one night. 
* When you eat at a restaurant, really enjoy the experience and take the opportunity to sit down, slowly and mindfully be present, and try the local specialties! 


This goes hand in hand with Tip #1, but it never hurts to reiterate: be prepared and plan ahead!

* Bring your own snacks. Nuts, beef jerkey, protein bars. This will save you when you’re caught on during the day without food and only junk to choose from! 
* Don’t eat the airplane food! The night before you go, prepare lunch or breakfast to bring with you. 
* Bring a refillable water bottle. Refill at restaurants, taps, etc. Drink only water while traveling and you’ll save yourself of unspeakable amounts of sugar, calories and probably chemicals that you’d consume in other drinks.