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MOM July 2019: Emma Nelson


  • I want to start this bon voyage to Escapist by first saying that two years ago, at the beginning of my CrossFit journey, I could barely finish a class… in fact there were a few classes I actually had to leave … because I was that unfit… now I’m in the best shape of my life and I can only thank you guys for that!
Why did you want to start and how did you find us?

In nutshell I had moved to Berlin from Los Angeles in August 2016 and was suffering from a real loss in mojo…I’d managed to put on about 10 kilos…and I needed to find Emma again amongst the weight!

As most people know to be consistent with training it’s crucial to have a tribe of like minded active people that are prepared to support you on your journey and root for you along the way, both noticing and celebrating the small changes as you march towards your goals.

One of the things that I have loved most and keeps me coming back again and again is that at Escapist they do exactly that - they are truly empathetic and compassionate coaches that are able see you as an individual and commit to staying with towards your fitness goals cheering you on even when it gets tough.

…and I found the box simply by walking by, one late morning, I stopped in, ended up speaking to Rickard and the rest is history!😀  
  • Dirk Remuss
  • Dirk Remuss
What changes have you experienced since you started at Escapist?
Well, I lost all the weight plus over 30 cm from my chest, waist and hips! 😲
I don’t think I’ve ever been as fit as I am now…and when I say fit I’m talking mobility, gymnastics, aerobic and strength. Recently I accomplished toes to bar - that was truly a *miracle!
(*We know there are no miracles just hard work… actually it could have been divine intervention 👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽)

I’ve also completed two Ragnar Races with the Escapist running team - each race has consisted of each individual running over half marathon! And it’s not just the running that was important, it’s been the team work and friendships that have been made along the way that have been incredibly important to me and my time here in Berlin.
What is your favorite restaurant?
Aha, I see this potentially as a trick question 🤣 !! So on good clean eating days, which I have to admit since undertaking the nutrition bootcamp with Marc, IS most days, I love the sushi at Kuchi on Kantstrasse. Then on a celebration days - all bets are off, and I love to order special fried rice with lemon chicken at Good Friends, which is also on Kantstrasse!😀 

What movie should everyone see before they die?
Well, of course living in Berlin I’ll have to say, Wings of Desire… but if I lived in Italy it would be Dolce Vita and when I’m back in LA it’ll be Rocky IV!🥊

What movement would you like to be able to master in the future?

Handstand pushups, they have been illusive to me. I can manage some tiny handstand bobs… not really a handstand pushup by any means…
  • Dirk Remuss
  • Dirk Remuss
  • Dirk Remuss
  • Dirk Remuss
Favorite and worst movement?
Favorite movement: this would have to be wall balls or rowing.
Worst movement - Turkish get ups…. ugh… I just want to hide in the bathroom when I see them on the board!

Why should anyone train at Escapist?
If you want a tribe of folk that will cheer you on wherever you’re going in life then Escapist is the place to workout at!

And lastly a big, big thank-you to every single person that I’ve had the pleasure to workout with or be coached by, I can’t thank-you enough for making me work my heart out! 
I love you and I hope to see you all soon.♥️♥️♥️


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