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What can you do before starting with CrossFit?

Sometimes it can be hard to find time to start trainnig with us or with any training.
We have jobs that take out a big part of our time and we want to use our free time to spend with family or friends. 

So how do I find time?

For me, having a very busy schedule it is about putting it into the schedule and always block out time for investing in myself. A ting that is easy to forget is how important it is to invest that time. Sometimes it is fitness, sometimes it might be doing a seminar or something else.

What kind of training can I do at home and why do I need a gym?
Nobody, says you necessarily need a gym, and if they do they are lying.
Still having a gym is a good way to get training going.

Starting with us is though a bit different and requires another part of understanding when it comes to health and fitness. Starting with us is about getting coached, getting into an atmosphere where fitness and health is the air that you breathe and this helps you and everyone else to stay committed and get constantly educated when it comes to your health and fitness.

Your fitness level is heavily tied to your health and we know that fit people get less sick, have less days off and outwork any unfitter version of themselves.

The keystones to get started with us before is to mentaly understand that what you are doing is an investment. It is an investment in the best thing you know, namely you!
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If there is a one key element people always can improve it is their nutrition and here is where you need to start. If you want to get better in nutrition you need to get informed and you might make it easier for you with some help and guidance. 

You can check our free nutrition webinar here that helps you to unwind all bad misinformation about what good nutrition is.
Second we see that you need to start working on your flexibility and mobility. After training thousands of young, old and active sportsmen we see a common trend and that is that people are too stiff. We have provided plenty of videos of how to mitigate pain and get more flexible on our youtube channel.

Start with checking if you can do a 10 min squat.
Check this video

Third component and maybe even the most important of all to get started is to know why you want to train. You have to ask yourself what you want to achieve and you need to know why this is important to you. 

For example if I want to loose 5 kg body fat, I also need to know why this is important to me. "It is so I can ride my bike and use any clothes I want without feeling uncomfortable" or maybe it is "I want to be able to look good in my purple dress and don't worry about if it will fit or not". 
When you know your why you will also need to get mentally tougher but that is something we work on a daily basis and is hard to do by yourself.

We know by having a good environment and a good team to back you up it is easier to get and maintain those goals.
What motivates you?

Share your thoughts and if you need help to find your motivation then book a free goal talk with one of our experts. You can check schedule below.
After doing this you already have a head start in comparison with most others.  
Now it will be easier for you to find motivation and purpose in your training. 
Want to know more?
Check this video