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What is your most important goal 2020?

At the end of the year I, as many others, start to reflect on my past year and slowly start to realise that 2020 is already here. 

As the Turkish saying tells “a man with no plan will also get there” it is crucial for us as individuals to reflect and set directions.

Some people are great at setting up goals and strategies but to be honest most of us are not. Just as in any discipline it is easy to get exited about the details and the strategies but before we do that we have to step back for one second.

First step has to be to analyze your current situation before you start with your strategies. There are many analogies to help us think in the right way either as a journey; only by knowing your destination you can pack accordingly, save funds to cover the travel etc. or think of it as an ancient war where you have you are in command. Before your different squadrons to attack you need to analyze the battle ground. All your forces should be working in harmony and not waste time to fight the wrong cause our battle.

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When you know your stance, your current situation, and your current resources, you can start setting your goals and strategies to set up your goals.

The hardest part might be to know your goals and it can even be scary to determine your goals. This is mostly due to angst, or lost of opportunity to do something else. To make it a bit easier I’d like to give you some helpful tools.

Look at your past
This is an analytical part that will help you understand yourself. Write down your last decade 2010, 2011, etc and write one major event that you are proud of or that changed you, made you feel good, happy or proud. 
Now look at your next 10 years, put down those years on paper too, write down things you will be proud and happy about. People who set high dreams on paper are the ones reaching them.

Break it down
Now you know roughly where you want to go, now you can put everything into smaller pieces and set up the strategy of how to get there. 


However great your mission or vision might be you will never feel happy about anything if you don’t have your health on point.
I consider that the foundation for health, longevity and happiness comes from having the following things:
Have a healthy diet

If there is a one key element people always can improve it is their nutrition and here is where you need to start. If you want to get better in nutrition you need to get informed and you might make it easier for you with some help and guidance. 

You can check our free nutrition webinar here that helps you to unwind all bad misinformation about what good nutrition is.
Good physical form, aka be healthy and feel good

Everyone knows how important it is to train regularly and we know that people that train and are healthy also earn more and get more out of life.
Having deep meaningful relationships

If we read through all literature from famous and successful people and their words on their death bed, the one and most important part for  all people was their time with their dear ones.
Having good sleep

Sleeping less than 7 hours per night will decrease your output and also lead to overweight, high blood pressure and memory (aka intelligent) rapidly goes down over time.

If one of these points is not fulfilled I will need to focus to build up that as a staple in my everyday life. 
If Im not fit, I have to train. 
If my diet is crap, I need to work with a nutrition coach. 
If my sleep is in the toilet, I need to fix my routines. 
If I have no deep relationships, I have to offer my friendship and be willing to be vulnerable.  

My goal for 2020 is to start off with a deep dive into nutrition and challenge my perceptions on diet (I will share this when time is ready), to that I will try to serve and help as much people as I can. My most important goal will be develop my business and help other develop their ideas. In the big picture I want to keep the foundation solid and every year continue to educate myself, I will learn at least one new language and guide my kids to become strong independent teenagers. 

What is your most important goal?