Indoor Training June 2 2020

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On Tuesday 2nd June we were finally allowed to open up again. It was tears of joy to see everyone back and with so many great improvements too! Now, that barbell has magically gotten a bit heavier during the lockdown so weights will be a bit more moderate at the beginning.

We have gotten some questions on the procedures in the box so we wanted to address them to everyone.


5 min before class starts we let people in to the training area and each person already has a set up planned for you from the coach. This means, we have already put out your weights for the workouts.

After the workout we disinfect all equipment and also the floor. When everyone is out we put a fan to increase air circulation before next class can start.

We advice everyone to come with different shoes and put workout shoes on at the box.

If you can bring your own towel and mat for sweat we can keep a bit safer.

Outside the box we have seats with at least 1,5m distance however we have to avoid groups to gather outside the entrance, so make sure you spread out in the alley if you notice there is a group gathering. We all have responsibility by law to do this.

You have to book your class ahead so we can plan the equipment and we are required by law to know who has been here at what time.

Workouts will continue to be constantly varied and we will use outdoor for running, however for now we will mitigate the usage of rowers or bikes.

Here short overview:

  • Group classes of 7 people
  • Full schedule (check boxchamp)
  • Outdoor classes Thursdays and Saturdays (test in June)
  • Separate entrance and exit
  • Minimum distance 3m
  • Designated workout area (boxes) for each member also during open gym
  • 45 min classes
  • Locker rooms only for storage, no dressing room
  • No showers
  • Toilette can be used (hygiene standard to be held)
  • No group gatherings outside the gym

Kind regards

Ps. If you want to share your thoughts or have someone to talk to we are here and we can easily set up a zoom call. Book it here