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We create your success plan together with you!

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We offer one-on-one coaching 30 min, 45 min or 60 min sessions.  

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Nutrition is the base of health and fitness. Our nutrition programs start with a free non-snack consultation. 
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We offer many things like:
  • Corporate training
  • Productivity training
  • Location rent
  • Mobility coaching


Our CrossFit classes are designed to improve everyones fitness levels and we integrate all movements from gymnastics, enducance and weightlifting. If you do crossfit workouts ei. rowing, pull-ups combined with some heavy deadlifts you have the guaranteed combination to lose fat and get strong.


We offer one-on-one for limited amount of clients. We create an individual training and diet program.


Our BodyFitness program is popular for its endurance and core elements. A perfect program with not too advanced movements but with an essential burn.


For optimal stress release we created a program mixing boxing elements and crossfit in one. Clear your head and reenergize your body with GloveFit.

El Pump

High rep and high intensity. This is a program build to burn!

Nutrition Program

We have an unique nutrition program individualised for every athletes specific needs.

New to CrossFit?

Intro Program

This is how it starts for all of us, and that is why we invite you to join our INTRO PROGRAM so you get to know CrossFit, our members and our coaches. We have two intro programs per month and it is perfect for you if need to have a soft start. The Sessions are 60-90 min long, where we introduce Escapist CrossFit and you get to know the basics of CrossFit. Any person can participate, without having any pre-knowledge of special movements. consequuntur magni dolores.

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Free Consultation

Sometimes it is hard to know how to get started and this is why we provide a big range of services to suit your special need. If you want to know the best way to get fit, lose weight, what to eat, how to get strong, then we recommend you book a 30 min free session below.

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We are located just 5 min from S-Bahn Savignyplatz and U-Bahn Uhlandstr.
It takes 7 min to walk from Zoologischer Garten and are plenty of busses just around the corner.

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