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Our members come from all over the world and they one thing in common. They are all greater now than before.


Meet Gina, she lost 10 kilos in her first 4 months.
She started with Intro program and Nutrition coaching.
Meet Silke, she lost 14 kilos in her first 8 months.
She started with our Bootcamp and has created a healthy habit of continuous training.
Meet Arvid, he lost 14 kilos in his first 3 months.
He wanted to get fit for next hockey season and is now fitter than ever.
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Welcome to our Box Escapist CrossFit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf

We offer the highest level of fitness program in our Crossfit Box here in Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf. Our programs suit all kinds of levels and we want to offer our members and clients the best kind of service. We offer the following: CrossFit Group Training (Crossfit Zirkeltraining) BodyFitness Bootcamp Nutrition plan (Ehrnähungsplan mit oder ohne Mitgliedschaft) One-on-One training (Personal Training with top-level coaches) Mobility Screening and coaching


Escapist Crossfit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf is located in Charlottenburg, centre of Berlin City West. Find us straight underneath the railroad tracks between Savignyplatz and Zoologischer Garten. If you go by U-Bahn then we are 3 min walk from Station Uhlandstr.   Escapist CrossFit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 578-579 (Sbahn Bogen) 10623 Berlin Email: hello(at)escapistcrossfit.com Telephone: +49 30 521 02 388 Workout, have fun, look better naked!  

What to expect?
Starting at Escapist CrossFit will pivot you on a new path in life.
Healthy lifestyle
Community and Network
Stay on track towards you goals
Leaner body and measurable change
Time effective
People who care about you


We want to make the hour you spend with us to be the best hour of your day.

Nutrition Program - the best way to start!

Check our Escapist CrossFit Berlins Nutrition Programs. We offer a range of options for your special needs.


Plan your week – set small routines at your favour

July 13, 2020

Plan next weekDue to corona my life has changed inwards, backwards, upside, inside and back almost on a weekly basis. Trying to handle new situations ...


Future of CrossFit

June 9, 2020

The Escapist Team, both privately and professionally, neither share nor support the views and ways in which CF CEO Greg Glassman communicated over the...


Outdoor Training

May 26, 2020

Outdoor workout locationHere is the location of the outdoor workouts. They will be held at “The Michael Jackson Tree” in Tiergarten. There...


Strike Mvmnt Reebok Picsil and much more..

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Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 578-579 Email: hello(at)escapistcrossfit.com Phone: +49 30-521 02 388


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