At Escapist CrossFit we have created the Health and Fitness Map. This tool will allow you, and us, to know where you stand in your fitness/health journey, and to create a path to improve it.

We would like to invite you to talk about this tool, to set up goals accordingly to your capacity, which will help you stay motivated and keeping an eye on your development.

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Health & Fitness Map

Our map is divided in the four categories
Body markers
nutrition and mobility

Strength & Power
Olympic lifts and strength lifts

Gymnastic strength and endurance

Metabolic Endurance
Power and aerobic endurance


Health and Fitness Progression

Thanks to the progression map you will be able to see differences in your capabilities, and adjust your training program accordingly, working hard on your weakest points to build them into strengths. Thanks to this awareness, we can create individualized training plans to work on to rump up your capacity.

1 step into health

higher than 8% of general population

Higher level of basic fitness

higher than 5% of GPP

High Fitness

Higher level than 1% GPP

Elite Fitness

0,01% of GPP

Have a clear path

CrossFit and fitness can be confusing for most people: since progression takes time to accomplish, many times we don’t realize our progress. Or we simply have no idea on what to work on, so we default into what is comfortable, which usually is what we don't need to train. 

Following a road map, like the Health & Fitness Map, will lead you to know where you stand, to celebrate your accomplishments but also to have goals to work on towards development as an all rounded athlete. By this we mean being healthy, having a fully functioning body that allows us to do and pursue whatever you want to do; climb a mountain, run a marathon, do a handstand or just take a walk in the forest. 

By knowing where to go, and how to get there, we will stay motivated, and will have a clear structure of how and what to work on. Every level its a foundation for the next, and every new level achieved is a show of commitment and hard work.

Our goal is for you to be able to move from common (sick, tired, stiff and burned out) to normal (pain free, energized and happy).  



First level of fitness and health



Second step towards great health



Higher level of fitness achieved



All health markers points towards the highest level of fitness

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Lets talk

Goal Talk

One way to start is to reserve a goal talk with us and we help you to get to the next level.