What is your passion,

what makes you go up 5 am?

Join our team!

We want to create an option for people who are driven and show passion in what they are doing.
Escapist CrossFit is a part of Pulvor GmbH and we constantly work on new products, ideas that will help people to get better.

We offer different patterns of career for those who can show they are driven.

If you are passionate within sales, customer care, coaching, consultancy, barista, design then send us your application or simply book a 15 min talk with us.

Let us know what makes you driven, what makes you wake up 5am and take action.


COACH - INTERNSHIP WITH CHANCE OF PART TIME/FULL TIME. (No prior criteria, but L1 or PT Licence is a plus) 3-6 Months Process

FRONT DESK, BARISTA & DESIGNER - Mini-Job for the person who has the biggest smile and is passionate about fitness.


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