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Schedule first Free 30 min now! 

Do you want to change your life? 
We offer limited spots of memberships and to get started you can schedule your first 30 min Free Non-sweat introduction. 

We will guide you and give you a recipe for success. Coffee is on us!

Intro Program


Our Intro Program is a 4 week program to get started with CrossFit.

We teach you all fundamentals so you get a better understanding of all the moments.

You train in a small group with maximum amout of 8 persons.

 Starting at 298€


Intro Program

We offer a success plan that we create together with you!

In this plan we look at what your status is today and where you want to go.
We want to make you successful at the gym and also outside.

Talk to our team to get you started!
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Memberships plans

We offer a limited amount of membership that include access to all our classes.

Group Training (8 Available Spots)
Up to 4 times a month starting at 159€

One-on-One Training, 30 min sessions (two spots open)
3 x week for 6 Months -> 484€/m

Hybrid Memberships

These memberships are designed for those who want to train on something specific with a dedicated coach at her side. We can do skills, own programs, nutrition assistance and lifestyle adviser.

If you have previous CrossFit experience, please book an appointment with us!
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One-one-One Coaching Program


Do you have a special need?


We work with people with specific goals and give them the best help in creating a personal plan in training and nutrition.


1-3 month program example

  • 2-4 sessions per week
  • Nutrition plan
  • Home workouts
  • Challenges
  • One top-level coach that can bring you to the best shape ever.



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You don´t need to be fit to get started, but you have to start to get fit!

Coaching in small groups 

At Escapist CrossFit we offer our members small group training sessions. We see into your special needs and goals. As a member you get to know  the amazing people in our community, people that share commitment and grit. Our members range from all levels of fitness and age groups, from 16 to 60 years old.
If you are looking to change your life, be healthier, happier and be a part of something new then book a free non-sweat with one of us.
You´ve never done CrossFit?


Do I have to be fit to join Escapist CrossFit Berlin?

You start where you are today and it is our mission to bring you to levels you just been dreaming of. Either we do it via one-to-one coaching or via group classes.


What can I expect to happen after starting at Escapist CrossFit Berlin?

The transformation will be significant. Everyone will notice you are getting fit! The momentum of getting fit will give you so much more extra energy and confidence to take on new adventures in life. You will have gained a lot of knowledge about yourself and also what your strenghts are and your increaing capacity will energize also people around you.


Can women do CrossFit?

No, women don’t “do” CrossFit…they thrive at CrossFit! We see this everyday, working with students, mums and grannys! 65% of our members are women! Still, we like to have a culture where everyone can participate, man or women. 


I have a bad knee/elbow/shoulder, can I still do CrossFit?

We see injuries as an opportunity to work on other skills or build strenght and endurance in new ways. We know from experience everyone has more potential than they think. We help you to open up new doors in your potential. 


Is it possible to start CrossFit without being able to do a pull-up/push up?

 You only need to be curious and interested! We will teach you how to do what you think is important to you. If you want to do a pull-up, Great! We can get you there. If you want to run a fast Marathon, that’s is superb, let’s make the best plan for that!

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You need help?
No worries, write us a line and we will reply shortly. =)