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What do people say about us?

  • I gained some weight moving to Berlin, was feeling unhappy and missed the sun in LA. After joining the Bootcamp I felt more energized, happy and lost half a stone. Now I don't want to leave this city.
    Emma N . Casting Agent
  • As a basketball player I always considered myself as a fit person, but CrossFit takes you to a whole new level! I love the athmosphere I discovered at Escapist Crossfit and to meet new people who share the passion for sport - I also convinced my wife to join the Escapist community so we workout together.
    David Gröger. Sony Pictures
  • The Bootcamp -as a fitness system-shock- did mark a before and after in my post-baby life. I feel even better than pre-pregnant and I can run, swim, bike, dance at pre-pregnancy levels/sppeds already. I am exited to enjoy summer adventures, holidays and sports feeling awesome and active.
    Ines G . Manager Bayer AG

What will your story be?

We love to hear your story, your background, where you are from, what you are doing and why are you interested in CrossFit? Please feel free to send us an email with all of your thoughts and we will come back to you asap. Also feel free to check out our facebook or instagram to follow our story, and the story of the people in our box.

Welcome to our Box Escapist CrossFit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf

We offer the highest level of fitness program in our Crossfit Box here in Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf.

Our programs suit all kinds of levels and we want to offer our members and clients the best kind of service. 

We offer the following:

CrossFit Group Training (Crossfit Zirkeltraining)
Nutrition plan (Ehrnähungsplan mit oder ohne Mitgliedschaft)

One-on-One training (Personal Training with top-level coaches)

Mobility Screening and coaching


Escapist Crossfit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf is located in Charlottenburg, centre of Berlin City West.

Find us straight underneath the railroad tracks between Savignyplatz and Zoologischer Garten.

If you go by U-Bahn then we are 3 min walk from Station Uhlandstr.


Escapist CrossFit Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf

Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 578-579 (Sbahn Bogen)

10623 Berlin

Email: hello(at)

Telephone: +49 30 521 02 388

Workout, have fun, look better naked!


Nutrition Program - the best way to start!

Check our Escapist CrossFit Berlins Nutrition Programs. We offer a range of options for your special needs.


Strenght Program starting 3rd May

April 15, 2018

Our Strength Bootcamp will get started on May 3rd.  The program, which will be run by Lukas Buschküh, a power lifter and strength coach with +6 years ...


How to help someone to lose weight

March 15, 2018

Do you need help to know how to help others to eat right?Check out this video about how a simple fix can help yourself and others.


Feuerwehrmann und CrossFit

February 15, 2018

Meet people from our community.Oliver lives and works in Munich but comes on a monthly basis to our box and we made a small interview with Olli and ho...

Sign up for this 8 week transformation program! We will work on increasing your strength for 8 weeks in squats, deadlifts and presses. How strong could you get? It starts on 3rd of May and we train three times a week. Send us a message to sign up! #strengthtraining #crossfitstrength #crossfit #escapist #escapistcrossfit

Sign up for thi...

Sundays we go to Escapist CrossFit. #formyfutureme #sixpack2018 #escapist #crossfit #crossfitdeutschland #fitnessueberall #ubercrossfit #escpst #unitedbymotion @crossfitdeutschland @crossfit

Sundays we go t...

Listen to Carl Paolis advice and story in our first podcast episode. Link in bio. The ideas of Carl have had a bigger impact on CrossFit and the movement scene, than most people realize. If you want to get inspired on a daily basis then follow @carlpaoli in his stories where he shares his true stories without any makeup, platitudes or superficial mimicking. #escapistcrossfit #crossfit #crossfitpodcast #carlpaoli #escpstcorner #podcast #podcastberlin #freestyle #unitedbymotion

Listen to Carl ...

We are happy to announce that we will host a Freestyle Seminar with @carlpaoli 23rd of June. If you feel like getting enlightened and combine that with a Berlin trip we will have loads of stuff for you to do. 😉 Reserve an early spot(link in bio)! The seminar will have a very limited amount of tickets. @freestyleconnection @freestylethebook #crossfit #berlin #seminar #freestyleconnection @strike_mvmnt @strike_eu #unitedbymotion

We are happy to...

Are you ready for #berlin #halfmarathon tomorrow? If you see these #escapist socks during the #run then give the person your support 😁 Good luck everyone running!!! @nettyzimpelchen #escapistcrossfit #escpstrunners #berlinhalfmarathon #runners #instafashion #runnerssocks #21k #crossfit #marathoncrossfit

Are you ready f...

Last day of open in the books. Thank you everyone! #crossfit #escapist #escpst #open18point5 #fitnessbyrealpeople

Last day of ope...

We are back from the dark side! No insta for 7 days so you can do something else like improving your fitness. 😉 At least we haven’t been lazy! Many crazy good achievements and we are happy to for all the contributions from our members. Go out and make the best week of this year happen now! #crossfit #escpst #escpstcrossfit #escapistcrossfit #berlin #crossfitberlin #18point3 #intheopen #unitedbymotion 📷 @bananellj @crossfit @crossfitdeutschland

We are back fro...

As a part of our nutrition challenge we will not post anything for 7 days. We encourage you to do the same. Do you complain you don’t have time? How many hours do you spend on instagram per week. We don’t dislike instgram or do this because we think it is evil or so but when we hear people say they don’t have time for anything then...let’s try an experiment. Turn off one app for a week and do something instead. #getoffthegrid #instafree #7days #crossfit #escapistcrossfit #berlin @crossfitdeutschland @crossfit

As a part of ou...

We all start where we are and we are all different. Some are tall, some are small, some are fast, some are slow, some climb ropes, some walk bare feet in snow. Some are women and some are men. What we all have in common is that we can all get better at anything, and we believe the best way to create a base for success is to give an environment where you can eat clean, get fit and create strong social bounds. Strong is the new beautiful. #escapistcrossfit #escpst #crossfit #womensday #strongisthenewbeauty #crossfitberlin #unitedbymotion #berlin #photooftheday #instagram #inspiration @crossfit @crossfitdeutschland 📷 @bananellj

We all start wh...

We had a blast doing #theopen 18.2 this weekend. 😅 We saw some nice PRs on the cleans for most people. Who would have thought burpees and front squats make you good at cleaning? Maybe something to try at home??? #escpst #crossfit #18point2 #crossfit #crossfitberlin #fitnessgermany #berlin #burpees #cleans #savignyplatz #unitedbymotion

We had a blast ...

Haaaappy birthday Annett!! If you need to get into a good mood and feel inspiration in life then learn from Annett. She brings the best version of herself every day and if you met her you instantly feel better. We love you girl! Send her you digital hugs now!!! #forever25 #crossfit #peoplethatinspire #unitedbymotion #escpstberlin #escapistcrossfit #escpst #membersofescpst

Haaaappy birthd...

Taa-tatta-taaa 🎂 Happy anniversary David! One year already has passed since first tangoed the first time. On this special day bro-reps are allowed 😘 #oneyearindabox #escpst #escpstberlin #escpstcrossfit #escapistcrossfit #crossfit #berlin #savignyplatz 📷 @bananellj

Taa-tatta-taaa ...