What is CrossFit?
How does it work?

CrossFit is a fitness program designed to help people (kids, amateurs, disabled to professional athletes) in all stages of their lives. 
What all active crossfitters have in common is that they are getting healthier, stronger and better for every day life.

What we do
How does Escapists do CrossFit?
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CrossFits recipe is “constantly varied movements at high intensity” which means we do the following things:


Meaning we do all kind of movements, mix them up and do them at high intensity.
Numerous studies have proven that doing short, intense workouts increases your conditioning faster, while getting other benefits into your cardiache system.
What we do
Is it safe?
All our members have to go through a 6 week on-ramp program, to learn the basics. Since we run small classes we always have a coach keeping an eye on you. In genera,l people get far more injuries from jogging than doing CrossFit (80% of all joggers get injured during one year).
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Escapist CrossFit is a small personal community where we know each other by first name.

We all cheer and give each other support during the workouts. We are a tight knit family, with members hanging out outside the box as well.
Also, as a Crossfitter, you are a part of an international community. When you travel you will discover that there are like minded people all over the world. As so, many international guests come by our box and share their adventures and journeys.

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Evidence driven
CrossFit is called the evidence driven sport – meaning that if anyone shows something is great it will directly be implemented. If anything is proven to be bad, it flies out. The major difference between CrossFit and many other programs is that we constantly measure our results so we can see the improvement we’ve made.


By starting with CrossFit you will notice many positive effects in your body. But, what you didn’t know, is that it will also enhance your mind. Creativity levels will rise and you will have far more energy throughout your day. Things that use to be big obstacles won´t be anymore. Your self confidence will rise and you will become happier and more satisfied. You will be energized, focused and ready to pursue your goals in life, career, or whatever other objective you set your eyes on.

So yes, it is a life changing decision that starts with “1-2-3 Go!”

Anything else?

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