We make people feel great again and happy with who they are.
It all starts with the diet.

Fixing your diet will make you:
- Leaner
- Stronger
-Live longer


Meet Gina, she lost 10 kilos in her first 4 months.
She started with Intro program and Nutrition coaching.
Meet Silke, she lost 14 kilos in her first 8 months.
She started with our Bootcamp and has created a healthy habit of continuous training.
Meet Arvid, she lost 14 kilos in her first 3 months.
He wanted to get fit for next hockey season and is now fitter than ever.
What are you waiting for?
Book a FREE consultation with us and get what you want.

Do I have to be a member of Escapist CrossFit to do a nutrition program? 
No! Actually this is a great way to start and get fitter before getting into training.   

What can I expect to happen after the first 6 weeks? 
You will start to make better choices that you will bring with you for the rest of your life. To that your skin will become better and you will get more lean, get better blood pressure and sleep better. And yeah…your toilette experience will improve.   

I’m a vegan/vegitarian/allergic can you help me? 
We aim to improve everyones fitness and health and if you are trying to be vegan or vegetarian it is especially important to know what you should eat.

How much does it cost? 
The prices vary depending on what your individulized program. A general health check starts at 29€ and a 6 weeks health coach with weekly check ins is 169€.  We can even help you with getting the right food on your table. Book an appointment and we can tell you more about it.   
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Build a solid base.
If you want to build a fit body you need to start at the base. Without implementing knowledge in your eating habits you will constantly be at a struggle.
Get professional one-on-one coaching.
A diet coach will help you reach your goals faster than you think.
We will look at the total approach of your diet and lifestyle.
Goals that last.
We believe in longterm goals and are opponents of “diet shakes” and hunger games.
Get a game plan that lasts!
Book a first Free non-snack Intro.
Our Free Non-Snack Intro is the best way to get started, here we show you how we work.
We will have a nice cup of newly grinded coffee.
Then we will get to know your goals and map out what is best for you.
Sounds good?
The Non-Snack Intro is FREE
and takes about 30 min.
Check out our schedule and book a time that suits you the best.

Nutrition Programs

Our goal is to help people no matter where they are at the moment. Nutrition is the backbone and foundation of our health and that is why we take it so seriously. Our programs are individualized and therefore also very successful. We happily share our case studies on request! The methodolgy is very simple and effective and we use the latest science to back us in our programs. Are you curious? Then book a 30 min free talk (coffee is on us).

Private Sessions

Four sessions with one coach one-on-one where we go through all basic movements. to know how things work at your own speed. Also, find the best way to a healthy body.After the first one-on-one sessions the coach and you make up a plan that will work for you. This is perfect if you want to look into losing weight, strenghten your back and getting back to good routines. All packages vary depending on what you typically need. First we offer a free 30 min non-sweat introduction


We are located just 5 min from S-Bahn Savignyplatz and U-Bahn Uhlandstr. It takes 7 min to walk from Zoologischer Garten and are plenty of busses just around the corner.

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You need help?
No worries, write us a line and we will reply shortly. =)